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From the Wisconsin Tundra to the Foreign Bluegrass State

Updated: Jan 22

Oh hey there!

Jeepers can you tell where I come from? As you might have guessed, I come from a tiny town in rural Wisconsin no one has heard of.. I have a background in retail management and mission work, and while I love that work, I have found they can be quite stressful. So, I started a blog back in the fall of 2022 as an outlet for stress from my career life at the time. I love cooking and gardening, but I never dreamed of pursuing those things in making a livelihood. Fast forward to the New Year, my husband, our dog Clint, and I embarked on a journey to Lexington Kentucky! He got a work opportunity that would fast track his meteorology career, and I being flexible with my career, agreed we should take the leap! There aren't any opportunities in my specific field that I've worked in for 5 years, so I re-examined my dreams. So far I have enjoyed the move, and am excited for the activities summer will bring.

Sorry for the rabbit trail, BACK TO THE BLOG!!

This blog is Brand-Spankin'-New. I decided to start again with a newfound purpose I lacked before. The goal of this blog is to share my experience with hunting, gardening, cooking, grilling, gut health and anything I can come up with.

Our shared dream, down the road, is to get a house on a piece of huntable land with a large garden, apples trees... you get the picture. For now, we're in the suburbs, and I am going to pursue those passions as best I can in the place we live.

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